Improved video editing in ZPS X: Edit your videos quickly and easily like a pro

Improved video editing in ZPS X Edit your videos quickly and easily like a pro

Most cameras and mobile phones have the ability to shoot video in addition to taking photos. Some moments are better captured as moving images. One take may not tell the whole story. For this reason, it’s better to make a video montage that can easily be created in Zoner Photo Studio X. New and improved functions make editing your video a piece of cake. 

Zoner Photo Studio X is above all software for editing photos. Nevertheless, we are constantly improving functions for making videos too. In this article, we’ll summarize how editing videos in ZPS X works and what options it offers.

Set the basic video settings 

Open the folder with your videos in the Manager module and switch to the Video module. Create a new project. First set the resolution you want the final video to be. The default 1080p with an aspect ratio of 16:8 is the most common. 

The editing tool is set up so that you’ll find the video timeline and preview in the center. Below is the film strip with files, and the right panel is where you adjust video settings.

Vylepšené úpravy videa v ZPS X
Layout of video editing tools.

Add videos

Start by dragging the video from the filmstrip to the video timeline. For more efficiency, select (Ctrl+A) and drag all files at once.

Vylepšené úpravy videa v ZPS X
Add clips to the Video track by dragging

Start editing

Shorten, or trim clips by dragging from the clip’s edges to the center – similar to cropping photos. When the clips follow one after another, a gap appears when trimming. If you don’t want this gap to be there, press and hold Shift when trimming the clip. The other clip will then be “glued” to the edge. To separate, click the place you want in the clip and press the C key or use the scissors icon.  

Vylepšené úpravy videa v ZPS X
Cut and trim clips.

Click and drag the clips to rearrange them in the video timeline. Rearranging clips while holding the Ctrl key copies the clip. Dragging a clip directly over another clip will move the bottom clip or overwrite it. By default, Overwrite mode is disabled. Enable it using the icon to the left of the timeline or with the Alt key.

Vylepšené úpravy videa v ZPS X
If you enable Overwrite mode, the clips will overwrite each other when dragged over one another. Hold Alt to quickly change between modes.

Make adjustments the same way you would with your photographs 

You can try to set exposure to your best ability while shooting the video, but the automatic settings may see the scene differently than you need. That’s why the tools for Video are similar to those found in the Develop module. From White Balance or exposure tools to Saturation or gray Hues. All these settings can be copied over from one clip to another using the copy icons. So, for similar takes it is not necessary to start from scratch when adjusting settings each time. 

Vylepšené úpravy videa v ZPS X
Edit and trim video clips.

Edit using multiple tracks

It’s convenient to stack layers of videos on top of one another. It opens up new possibilities for overlapping, adding text, or stitching together two takes at the same time. Add the new track by clicking Add video track in the left editing panel. Or more simply, drag the clip to the gap above or below the timeline. You will automatically receive a notification about creating a new track. To rearrange clips between tracks, you can use the Shift key, which prevents the clip from moving in the timeline. 

Vylepšené úpravy videa v ZPS X
Add a new track by dragging.

Add music or text

Add music to the clips in the same way you add videos and photos – by dragging from the filmstrip. If your audio file is saved in a place different from the video, you’ll find it in the folders in the left panel. 

Add a text box by dragging from the right panel. Then, the tools for editing text open. Edit the text size and color or use the Text padding settings to move it to best fit in the video. 

Vylepšené úpravy videa v ZPS X
Add and edit text in your video.

Add transitions to your video clips

Smooth, quick-cut transitions have been tried and tested and are usually your best choice. However, for some scenes, you may want more creative transitions. Add them between individual clips by dragging them from the right panel, similar to adding text. Change the length of the transition by clicking and dragging from the edge, similar to changing the clip’s length.  

To change the visibility of individual clips, use the green line that appears above the selected clip. Use it to adjust the visibility evenly on both edges. Same as with editing volume, you adjust visibility by adding points to the line and then clicking and moving them. Use this feature to, for example, create a transition with smooth fades. 

Vylepšené úpravy videa v ZPS X
Add a transition between clips.

Set speed and other settings for your video clip 

In the right panel, you can continue to edit other settings of individual clips. For example, if the aspect ratio doesn’t fit, use Fill frame or Fit frame. You can also rotate or flip the clip. Slow down or speed up the clip by adjusting the Clip Playback Speed settings.

You can batch edit related settings if you select several clips in the timeline. 

Vylepšené úpravy videa v ZPS X
Adjust speed and other settings.

If you’re not done with your editing, but need to step away from the program, the project with the video in progress will be automatically saved. Then you can pick up editing right where you left off.

If your video is complete, click Export, and save the final video.

Don’t be afraid to try making a video! 

Let’s face it – even if someone is predominantly a photographer, editing a simple video can come in handy. 

Download Zoner Photo Studio X free for 30 days and try editing your first video today.

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