Edit Videos in Just a Few Clicks

Long gone are the days when you needed a separate video editing program that couldn’t do anything else. Today you can even create a video when you’re in the middle of working with photos. And you can handle it in just a couple of clicks.

It’s easy to create a simple video full of photos, music, and even other videos using Zoner Photo Studio X. All you have to do is visit the Create module and use the Video command.

Click the Video button in Create.

Click the Video button in Create.

Add and Assemble Photos and Video

After the video editing window opens up, use the buttons in the middle of the screen to add the photos and videos you want. You can also drag in individual photos and videos from the “Filmstrip”—the bar at the bottom with photo previews—into the middle area. Then you can drag them to reorder them.

Add videos and photos to the video’s timeline.

Add videos and photos to the video’s timeline.

Trimming Videos

To edit a video, just click on a specific video clip in the middle part of the window. You have two ways forward from there.

  1. The simplest and fastest is to click on the place in the video you want and then trim the video using the scissors icons that are automatically displayed. The clip is then cut in two in the given spot. You can then continue editing the two videos, or delete them by pressing Delete.
  2. But for more precise video trimming, you’ll want to use the Trim Video Clip button in the right panel, or to click on the video and then click the two-triangles icon . Then use the sliders to set which part of the video to keep (this part is marked in blue) and which part to trim away. So that your video trimming can be as precise as possible, the timings for the sliders are also shown. That lets you set them with precision down to hundredths of a second. Once you have them where you want, click the Crop button.
You can also edit the lengths of individual videos.

You can also edit the lengths of individual videos.

Edit Your Video’s Properties

To adjust properties that affect how your video looks and acts overall, go to the right panel.

  • In its Options tab, adjust the video’s Resolution (a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels is usually good), Quality, and other settings as needed.
  • Use the Music group if you wish to add a new soundtrack. To do that, click the button . To remove a music track, click .
  • Then use the Settings group if you want to add transitions between individual photos or videos or a Pan&Zoom effect, adjust the video volume, or adjust how long photos are displayed. If you have a photo selected, you’ll also see an option to fit its display length to the music length.

Once you’ve got everything set up and you have the video how you want it, just click on Save Video. And then you can share it all with your friends.

Save your video once it’s ready.

Save your video once it’s ready.

Try out video editing for yourself. Download Zoner Photo Studio X, try it free for 30 days, and create your own videos easily and quickly.

Video tutorial: How to Trim Video in ZPS X

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Last updated 21. September 2017

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Author: Matej Liska