TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers – Theme: Morning Dew

In our magazine, you can regularly find inspiration on various photography topics. We are interested in how well you can put theory into practice. In our second challenge, we chose the theme: Morning Dew.

We received images in our editorial office that took our breath away. Once again, we were surprised by how many of you we motivated to show us how you perceive the world through our challenge and to send us your photos. We would like to thank all our readers who submitted their photos. We carefully reviewed all the shots and selected the top 10 in our editorial office.

1. Angelika Špicarová (CZ)

2. Martina Podhůrská (CZ)

3. Robert Annetzberger (DE)

This shot was taken on September 7, 2023, on the Oder River. To catch the sunrise in Oderbruch, I left Berlin at 4:15. My reward was a beautiful, misty September morning.

4. Luboš Myslikovjan (CZ)

5. Šárka Rucká (CZ)

6. Renáta Preisnerová (CZ)

7. Peter Drančák  (CZ)

8. Zuzana Šprojcarová (CZ)

9. Marta Pančochová (CZ)

I was returning from a morning walk when my eye caught an apple sitting in the dewy grass.

10. Rendlová Taťána (CZ)

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Check out how our ambassador, Soňa Šerá, tackled the theme of Morning Dew.

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