TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers – Theme: Rainy Day

TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers - Theme Rainy Day

In the magazine Learn Photography you can find inspiration various tips and interesting facts from the world of photography that push your skills forward. How to capture the theme of rainy spring days interestingly? We were curious to see how you, as photographers and photo editors, would handle such a challenge.

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the readers who participated in the challenge and sent us their photos. We are amazed by how you perceive various details and how diverse your photographer’s perspective is. It was very difficult to select only 10 of the best among those submitted by you. Is yours among the chosen ones?

1. Alexander Tvorogov (EN)

It was a sunny day and suddenly it came on to rain.

2. Josef Sedláček

It was a coincidence. It started to rain and there were big puddles by the garage, and the sun was partially shining.

3. Jana Hrnková

I don’t shoot in the rain most of the time, I like my Nikon too much for that ;o)

4. Stanislav Malaník

5. Pavel Letko

The photo “Night” was taken around 24 o’clock and in the rain. 
If it doesn’t “speak” to the viewer, there is no point in dealing with the photos…

6. Marta Čížková

7. Lukáš Najman

The scene is captured from the Petřín lookout tower. Czech Central Highlands, at sunset and rain shower.

8. František Kolský

9. Monika Schrammová

10. Květa Novotná

Kids like rain, or especially puddles :-D

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See also how our ambassador Miriam Popperová dealt with this theme.

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