TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers – Theme: Winter Magic

TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers - Theme Winter Magic

The magazine Learn Photography regularly brings you inspiration and tips for developing your photographic skills. We are curious: which photo editing software is essential for your practice, and what editing techniques are indispensable? In our challenge, we chose the theme: Winter Magic.

The number of photos you send us continues to increase, and it’s increasingly difficult to select only the 10 best ones among you. This theme was very creative, and in the editorial office, we were pleased to see how diverse a photographer’s perspective can be and how they perceive various details. We sincerely thank all readers from all corners of the world who participated in the challenge and sent us their photos. Is yours among the selected ones?

1. Petr Kozelek

TOP 10, Winter magic, Petr Kozelek

2. Tomáš Dutz

TOP 10, Winter magic, Tomáš Dutz
I took the photo in January when there was still snow in the Ore Mountains where I live. It’s getting worse every year.

3. Mirek Str

TOP 10, Winter magic, Mirek Str

4. Marta Čížková

TOP 10, Winter magic, Marta Čížková

5. Pavlína Winzigová

TOP 10, Winter magic, Pavlína Winzigová

6. Jana Hrnková

TOP 10, Winter magic, Jana Hrnková

7. Jiří Večerník

TOP 10, Winter magic, Jiří Večerník
Winter magic, rather winter hardening. Everything must come together: temperature at least -8°C, complete calm, snow, and a lot of patience. When one catches the sunrise, it should work out. And one last piece of advice: No slippers without socks.

8. Miloš Buček

TOP 10, Winter magic, Miloš Buček
Good light! Well-chilled mineral spring Petr – Karlova Studánka, Czech Republic.

9. Antonín Havlát

TOP 10, Winter magic, Antonín Havlát

10. Jana Odehnalová

TOP 10, Winter magic, Jana Odehnalová
Beskydy, Czech Republic

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See also how our ambassador Kevin Bruseby dealt with this theme.

TOP 10, Winter magic, Ambassador Kevin Bruseby

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