TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers – Theme: Mysterious Autumn Mist

TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers - Theme Mysterious Autumn Mist

In the “We Love Photography” magazine, you’ll regularly find inspiring articles covering various photography topics. We’re genuinely interested in how well you translate theory into practice. For our third challenge, we selected the theme: “Mysterious Autumn Mist.”

The response to this theme was truly remarkable. We didn’t expect to receive so many captivating shots. We’re thrilled with how many of you we engaged and motivated to send us your photos. We thank all our readers who submitted their photos. We carefully reviewed all the shots and selected the top 10 in our editorial office.

1. Eva Burgr

TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers
A few times, I went into the woods thinking there would be no spectacle, and suddenly, when the sun’s rays appeared, illuminating the rolling mist, my heart leaped in my chest, and all I could do was marvel at the beauty of nature. I’ve been working with Zoner for many years, and I’m very satisfied with it. You keep improving it… thank you.

2. František Kolský

TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers

3.  Marta Pančochová

TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers
Autumn was just beginning, but these beautiful mists were there every morning.

4. Lukáš Najman

TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers

5. Petr Kozelek

TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers
The photo is called Franciscan Monastery at Dawn. It was taken on a gloomy February morning. In the valley to the right of the monastery, there is a reservoir, which is the source of frequent mists. The location is Kadaň, Czech republic.

6. Štěpán Jankovský

TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers
The photograph was taken on the border between the Czech Republic and Austria, near the village of Pohoří in Šumava, early in the morning at sunrise. The mist boundary lies directly on the state border. The place exudes a magical and mysterious atmosphere, heightened by the knowledge of the history of the displaced and destroyed village of Buchers (Pohoří) during the communist era. The landscape in Novohradské Mountains is enchanting and inspiring.

7. Rolf Lehrmund (DE)

TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers
I took the photo last September in the Homburg/Saar region.

8. Miloš Drla

TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers

9. Tomáš Holeček

TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers
Not far from Trutnov (Czech Republic)…

10. Květa Klimešová

TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers
I took the photo during my trip to Velký Kosíř. I’m an amateur photographer, but I’d like to pursue photography to further develop my skills. I love my hobby.

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Unfortunately, not everyone can make it to the top 10, but since we received many excellent photos, we want to share some additional ones with you in a gallery format.

Thanks for submitting: Lucie Čečilová, Antonín Havlát, Hana Jankovská, Ivana Brzobohatá, Jindřich Pytel, Jiří Michálek, Kateřina Wernerová, Ladislav Permedla, Lubomír Hojgr, Luboš Myslikovjan, Marek Petrovič, Marian Maštrla, Marta Čížková, Martina Steidlová, Miloš Albrecht, Petr Růžek, Robert Lewis, Vratislav Havlík, Zdislav Jankovský, and Zuzana Šprojcarová.

And if you didn’t find your photograph in the gallery, don’t despair and sign up for the next TOP 10 challenge. Also, see how our ambassadors Honza Musil and Daniel Kasal approached the theme of “Mysterious Autumn Mist.”

TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers, Ambassador, Honza Musil
Honza Musil
TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers, ambassador, Daniel Kasal
Daniel Kasal

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