EISA recognizes Zoner Photo Studio X as the best photo editor around!

This is truly a strong year for Zoner Photo Studio X as this is the second time a very influential association, The Expert Imaging and Sound Association, has recognized the merits of the program and thus another award heads to the Czech Republic based company. 

As stated, EISA stands for The Expert Imaging and Sound Association and has been testing, researching and awarding the coveted EISA award to products that have stood out with aspects of excellence. Since their beginnings in 1982, where five editors-in-chief selected the best camera for that year, they have grown into a community of 60 technology magazines, websites and social media commentators from 29 countries. They now consist of 6 expert groups where manufacturers battle it out at a chance that their product(s) claim one of these significant awards. Zoner Photo Studio X, of course, competed in the Photography Expert Group.

How did ZPS X grab the attention of the EISA members?

EISA’s first real encounter with Zoner Photo Studio X was during a live presentation with the time allocated. Because of the experience of the members in the Photography Expert Group, it was easy to guide them through the possible workflows, simple as well as complex tools and how the program functions in the background behind what the user actually sees. The panel shot back with very technical questions which were then enthusiastically responded to by our Product Manager, Jan Kupcik.  

EISA was impressed with the wide range of user-friendly features, being a full RAW converter, editing with layers and masks all while not leaving out portrait enhancing features such as the Liquify tool and the retouching tools. More features like being able to manage your photographs as a librarian in the catalog with browsing by date, shot location, folders and keywords impressed them. And, at the end of the day, Zoner Photo Studio X can handle procedures you would need several programs to cover with a fraction of the price needed to access said features. 

But how does this relate to my photography?

When two global associations recognize a company that has a fraction of the spending power, people and brand awareness that the typical suspects have, you know we’re in it for the long haul and collecting your feedback along the way. The team at Zoner Photo Studio X is interested in making the best program for your photography for the best price for your wallet.

This award is incredibly motivating for everyone at ZPS X and we’ll continue to strive to bring you the best and all-in-one product possible for digital photography. We won’t let the status quo dictate what a photo editor should or has to look like; we’ll do that together. 

If you’d like to discover for yourself why we’ve won the EISA award, take a 30 day test drive and Download Zoner Photo Studio X free for a month and be the judge. 

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