Shared Albums on Zonerama

Shared Albums on Zonerama

Shared albums are the ideal solution for events or vacations where multiple people took pictures and you want everything in one place. Create an album, upload your photos, and save it. Then, click the share icon and select Shared albums.  

Shared Albums on Zonerama
A window opens that offers you several options for sharing your album.

The simplest and most universal option is probably the Link option. It copies the link to your clipboard. You can then send it to anyone through your preferred method of communication.  

Other sharing options include standard sharing via email or popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. When you select Facebook or Twitter, you are redirected to the login page of that social media platform. After logging in, you choose how you want to share the album with your friends.   

Shared Albums on Zonerama
Anyone you share the link with can add their own photos to your album.

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AuthorMatej Liska

I most love taking pictures of people. Weddings, portraits, graduation photos, balls... I am always in search of backlight, but I enjoy various types of lighting and mostly like to use shorter lenses. I love my Nikon, my guitar, and a kebab. You’ll find my photography on my website or on Facebook.

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