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Become a Smarter Editor—Master Masks

When you make a selection in Zoner Photo Studio, you’re really creating a mask. You don’t have to know this to do basic work with selections, but learning to understand masking gives you better insight and control. To learn more about masking, read on.

Composition: Positioning Your Subject

To get good-looking photos, you need to respect the basic rules of composition while composing your shots. Good subject placement is one of these rules. Always think about the scene before you press the trigger—that way you can avoid problems such as objects in the picture touching each other or excess noise in the background. The better you position your subject, the more it will shine in your photo.

6 Ways to Rescue Underexposed Photos

Sometimes photos don’t turn out the way you hoped. Underexposure is a common mistake, one that can happen for example because you were hurrying to press the trigger and didn’t stop to check your settings, or because you used automatic settings when shooting against the light. One way or the other, you’ve got a dark photo. But fortunately, you can brighten it after!

Zoner Photo Studio Power User: Mark Fusco

This time in our Power User series, we briefly interviewed Mark Fusco, a Zoner Photo Studio user from Adelaide, South Australia. He’s a traveler, and almost all of his travel is photography-related. Let’s take a look at how he sees photography.

The 4 Things to Always Retouch in Your Pictures

The notion that retouching is just for portraits is a myth. Retouching is used in landscape photography, macro photography, and other photographic disciplines as well. In short—knowing how to correct minor defects in a picture will always come in handy. So learn to work with retouching tools.

The Batch Filter

Batch edits are one way to quickly fix a large number of pictures. You can use them to automate series of several steps and thus save yourself a lot of time spent editing similar pictures.

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