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Renting Photo Gear? Here’s 5 Reasons It’s a Great Idea

There’s nothing more frustrating than hearing about an amazing new camera, lens, or other exciting new piece of photo gear only to realize your budget isn’t quite as big as your eyes. However, there is an excellent solution, one not everyone thinks about right away. Why buy when you can rent?

Like Our Image Libraries, Image Storage Options Growing

We all keep pointing and clicking, transferring our memories to our computers – maybe do some image organization/editing and then repeat the process...again and again. But as camera tech improves, our need for data storage simply continues to grow. After all, where are we going to put all these stills and video clips we’re capturing to ensure we can enjoy them years down the road?

Composition: Positioning Your Subject

To get good-looking photos, you need to respect the basic rules of composition while composing your shots. Good subject placement is one of these rules. Always think about the scene before you press the trigger—that way you can avoid problems such as objects in the picture touching each other or excess noise in the background. The better you position your subject, the more it will shine in your photo.

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