Unlimited Editing Possibilities with the Nik Collection

In Zoner Photo Studio, you can use a number of tools to edit photos—but besides the built-in tools, you can also work with plug-ins, which add more picture editing tools to the program. How can you install plug-ins? How do you work with them?

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Comments (5)

  1. Thank you for this article.
    Yes, the Nik Collection was worth some 100’s of € (or $), then Google has bought it up and now we are free to dispose of it.
    Some of the modules in the Collection are quite interesting (the “U-Points”) and are not found anywhere else (Nikon had it with it’s Capture-DX – I’m not sure of the name – which has been removed from the market since some time).

    I’ve managed the installation of the Nik Collection (more or less) successfully in Zoner 17. And it works with the Editor / Effects / Plug-in Modules !

  2. Thanks for this info. I’ve been playing around with Nik since google made it available and whilst it works as standalone modules, it is slightly inconvenient to have to import an individual image to work on as my images folders tree is not displayed as it is in Zoner. Used as a Zone plug-in I get the benefit of seeing the folders tree to quickly access an image.

    From what I can gather about Nik it is primarily for jpegs, but I understand it will work with TIFF files, but one has to manually change the file extension. That is, until I went to work on a b/w 16 bit TIFF image when I was surprised that Zoner flashed up a message advising Nik only works with 24 bit depth images and did I want to convert the displayed image? I said “yes” and after the quick conversion I was all set to go. Well done, Zoner.

  3. Hello Terry,

    Thank you for the praise! Yes, the color depth is the key here, like you say!

  4. thanks for the article – although I noticed one little thing. The installation routine asked for a plugin folder as optional step. If you go that way, you end up with a directory of links.
    ZPS only recognizes the directory with the actual plugin files like in your screens above.

    A small difference, but it takes some minutes to figure it out.

    1. Thank you for the additional info, Kai.

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