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Zoner Photo Studio X adds unique retouching features that beat the competition

The popular photo editor and manager Zoner Photo Studio X has gained several unique new features just in time for Christmas. With its winter update, it has become the first Windows editor in the world to support the opening and saving of HEIF files. The new Smoothing Brush and Structure Cloning features in its Develop module make it easy to retouch portraits quickly while keeping them natural-looking. The Polarization feature helps users get more detailed clouds, and meanwhile the increased freedom for photo books lets them unlock their imagination.

[Test] 4 lenses, 35mm, f/2.8: See Which Lens Stood Up Best

When you sit down with lenses that all offer the same focal length and aperture, you might think that they’ll all give almost the same outputs. But in reality their outputs vary in a variety of details. To see this difference “live,” check out our test of some Canon and Sigma lenses that—in theory—“meet” at the 35mm focal length.

Master the 7 Challenges of Reportage Photography

Naturally, classical reportage is mainly connected with the work of photojournalists. But reportage photography is currently also at the center of attention among wedding photographers, for example. It helps them tell a story and present the whole wedding-day atmosphere better. So let’s take a look at the challenges a reportage photographer has to know how to handle.

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