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[Infographic] How to Work with ISO

We’ve just about all run into ugly, distracting noise in our photos at some point. The culprit here is high ISO. It makes the sensor more light-sensitive, and this can brighten dark photos, but it also produces noise. So take a look at how to work with ISO right.

Landscape Photography at Every Hour—Part II: Photographing Landscapes in Rain or Shine

Early in the morning and late in the evening are when you’ll find the best light for landscape photography. But sometimes you can’t wait. For example on vacations, you’ll probably have no choice but to take your pictures in daytime. And you’ll have to face things like the noonday sun, cloudy skies, and rain. So in today’s article I’ll be showing you how to work with precisely these conditions.

Save Space on Your Disk: How to Find and Delete Duplicate Photos

Duplicate photos. Something that many photographers fear. All it takes is a bit of unnecessary copying or incaution when you’re backing up or moving pictures, and you’ve got duplicates on your computer that take up disk space pointlessly. And they also make it harder to find your way around your photos. Fortunately, there’s a way to quickly find and delete them.

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