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How to Get Perfect Symmetry: The Editor Will Help!

Symmetry is a very powerful element in photos. You’ll mainly make use of it in centered compositions. If you don’t have a suitably symmetrical scene at hand for a shot, but symmetry would look good in it, there’s a solution. You can easily produce symmetry on your computer. With some help from layers in the ZPS Editor, you’ll have it done in a jiffy.

From the Ground Up! Give Ant’s-Eye Photography a Try

Photography isn’t just about sticking to the rules. It’s also about switching things up and using a variety of creative approaches. You can awaken your creative spirit by trying to look at the world through different eyes. In this case, an ant’s. Ground-level photography has really won us over! Let’s take a look at how it works.

6 Edits You’ll Do Better to Avoid

We usually give you tips on what you should do when editing your photos. This time we’ll work from the opposite end and show you some edits that are best avoided. We’ll be talking about edits that you often see out there, but it’s best to stay away from them. What are they, and how can you do things better? You’ll learn all this in today’s article.

Make It Miniature With the Tilt-shift Effect

Tilt-shift is an effect that makes the objects in a picture look like miniatures. You may know those special tilt-shift lenses for cameras, but did you know that you can create this attractive effect in Zoner Photo Studio as well? We’ve taken a closer look at this fun feature, and we’re bringing you a guide to working with it.

ZPS X Editing School: Try Editing a Nighttime Portrait

In this article I’ll show you how to edit a photo from a nighttime portrait, and I’ll give you a RAW file on which you can try out the whole approach for yourself. This time around, you’ll be concentrating on work in the Develop module. You’ll learn how to rescue night photos that turned out too dark, improve their colors, and give them some spark using effects and local edits.

Portraits With an LED Ring Light? Great Lighting, Easy to Carry, and Lots of Fun.

Permanent lights for photography come in a variety of colors and shapes. Among the more exotic of these lights are LED ring lights. And we were interested in seeing what all you can conjure up with ring lights, so we gave one of them a thorough test run. Naturally we didn’t keep the results just for ourselves. We were surprised to see how much this light could do—the effects it produces are attractive, and it’s easy to work with. But we won’t stick to just theory; we’ll also show you how to work with ring lights in practice.

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