A Merry Shutter and a Happy New Frame!

All of us here on the team behind Zonerama want to wish you a very merry Christmas this year. May you find photographers’ gifts under the tree! Maybe a new camera, maybe a lens, maybe even our software Zoner Photo Studio 16.

We’re up to thousands of unique visitors a month, and on a topic-oriented blog like Zonerama, that is quite a lot. This tells us that there are people out there who find us entertaining or informative, people who want to keep on coming back—so we definitely have a responsibility to keep on bringing you that same level of quality in the future, in both words and pictures.

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We thank you all for the support that you gave us throughout 2013, and we hope that you’ll keep it up in the coming year as well. We’d like to continue accompanying you in your path towards better photos and unforgettable pictures in the future.

Photography can be a quite unique way to make a living, it can be a fantastic hobby and means of expression, it can be a link joining people together… and it can be a well of emotions. We firmly believe that you’ll be capturing emotions in pictures throughout the holidays among your family and friends, as well as at many events throughout 2014.

To photograph the world around you means to bring the world unique pictures and keepsakes that no-one else but you can deliver.

So we wish you a merry shutter and a happy new frame!

Last updated 21. December 2013

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