How to Print Multiple Photos on One Page: Creating Your Own Photo Collage

Nearly all of us want to print our photos every now and then. But printing photos isn’t always completely simple—especially if you need to get multiple photos on to one page. And yet there are several ways to solve this problem.

How to Print Multiple Photos on One Page: Creating Your Own Photo Collage

You might have already tried printing out several photos at once by copying and pasting them into a word processor. You can do that, but it’s slow, complicated, and imprecise.

So it’s better to try a different solution.

Printing photos from your photo editor. You can work with the pictures better, and you generally have more possibilities for printing them. For example in Zoner Photo Studio you can use these options for printing multiple photos on one page:

  • Collage,
  • Print Photos, and
  • Contact Sheets.

Meanwhile, each of these tools will help you print your photos a little differently. So you can always find one of them that works for what you need right now.


  • go to the Manager and select the photos that you want to print,
  • switch to the Create module,
  • and use one of the tools mentioned above.

How to Print a Collage

Let’s look at the first of these—collages. When you use this option, a picture containing all of the photos you selected is created.

If you don’t like the way they’re laid out, just choose a different Template in the right panel. Drag the pictures into it from the filmstrip at the bottom. Then adjust a photo’s placement by clicking and dragging it.   

How to Print Multiple Photos on One Page: adjusting picture's location.

Choose a layout and adjust the pictures’ locations.

Then just:

  • choose a framing style,
  • adjust the paper background and how the inside frame is set up,
  • or for example add text to your collage using the icon under the Export button.
How to Print Multiple Photos on One Page: adding text to a collage.

Adding text to your collage.

You can then export your collage as a picture and use it for example on social networks. Or print it out directly by clicking the printer icon.

Print Photos

The Print Photos function is useful for printing photos with traditional dimensions such as 4×6 in. Besides letting you print the usual one picture per page, it also lets you change the layout and add multiple pictures at once.

Just set a suitable paper size and adjust the number of rows and columns. Then here again, move the pictures you want into the individual slots and adjust their locations if needed.

How to Print Multiple Photos on One Page: settings for printing a picture.

Choose a size, adjust the layout, and immediately print, export, or order prints.

Once you’re satisfied with your settings for the pictures, you can print them out directly or have them printed professionally.

Another possibility is to export the photos to PDF. That gets you everything in a single document, removing worries about printer settings when printing at home, because everything is set up right within the PDF. You’ll just need to set the crop marks for cutting out your photos after printing.

How to Print Multiple Photos on One Page: saving photos for printing in PDF.

You can save all your photos into one PDF.

Use Contact Sheets for Picking Out Photos

The big advantage of Contact Sheets is that you can fine-tune how the pictures are laid out in rows and columns on the page. Including their captions and titles.

This is very useful e.g. when you want to present photos to a client. There you just use Contact Sheets to print out thumbnails of all the pictures you took, and then let the client circle the photos that they like and add notes.

How to Print Multiple Photos on One Page: adjusting captions on contact sheets.

Adjusting captions on contact sheets.

To adjust captions and other text parts of a contact sheet, click on them. Doing this shows a text-settings window.

Double-click a caption to show a window for the “formatting string,” which sets how the caption looks and what text will be under each photo. You can add anything to the formatting string, including EXIF data, location, and lots of other information.

How to Print Multiple Photos on One Page: setting a formatting string.

Set a formatting string that gives you the caption you need.

Then just fine-tune the page settings and print or export everything.

The basic steps are the same for all three approaches. So printing multiple pictures on one page is a matter of just a few clicks. See for yourself—download Zoner Photo Studio X, try it 30 days for free, and print your vacation photos and more, well arranged onto a single page.

Last updated 19. July 2018

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Author: Matej Liska