Remember Every Step From Your Photo Trips—Learn to Work With Track Logs

Having your photo files tagged with GPS coordinates is very practical. Not only do they let you know where exactly you took each photo, but also, using a track log you can see the path you took on your trip and how your photos lead across the map. What’s more, you don’t even have to have built-in GPS in your camera.

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AuthorMatej Liska

I most love taking pictures of people. Weddings, portraits, graduation photos, balls... I am always in search of backlight, but I enjoy various types of lighting and mostly like to use shorter lenses. I love my Nikon, my guitar, and a kebab. You’ll find my photography on my website or on Facebook.

Comments (5)

  1. Sorry but needs a bit more work, shows route taken but no Photo pointers.

    1. We’re sorry Lennard, we’re not exactly sure what you mean. If you mean these little pins (, the ZPS shows them. But otherwise, we’ll be happy if you give us more details on what you mean. Thank you!

      1. Not on my Computer, I use gps4cam PRO on my Iphone 6s which produces a gpx file, on all but 1 folder it only produces a Red line Route with no Pins, on 1 Folder I actually got the Pins which work as you showed but when I went back to it later it had no Pins again, any ideas why not?

        gps4cam works fine and produces the Pins in Zoner and I can go directly to Google Earth to see Geo positions.

      2. In addition to the above I should state that gps4cam adds the GPS co-ordinates to each Photo from the QR Codes

      3. Please, contact directly our technical support (, so we can help you better. It seems that we can’t solve this here in comments. Thank you!

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