The 2021 ZPS X Spring Update: improved video editing, copying of edits, and other new features

The 2021 ZPS X Spring Update: improved video editing, copying of edits, and other new features

One of the first signs of spring is the spring update of Zoner Photo Studio X. And it is coming out…NOW! We’ve got some new features for you that you’re sure to like. You can look forward to handy functions that will make your photo and video editing quicker and easier. Read about what’s new.

This time, we focused on the popular video editor. But that’s certainly not the only thing that’s been improved. There’s also faster workflow when editing a larger number of photos. Whether it’s improved copying over of edits, comparing photos side-by-side, or the option to prepare a large number of photos for Instagram in a few clicks, there are many options for making your photo editing more efficient. We’ve also added some other additional features.

Focused on video

The Zoner Photo Studio X video editor has gotten its chance for an update. Aside from improved performance with increased options for editing your video, you also have the option to make adjustments to image settings.

Do you want to even out contrast, exposure, white balance, or even convert your video clip to black and white? No problem! Thanks to the improved video timeline, editing videos is now easier than ever. Haven’t made your own video yet? See how to do it.

Copy edits

The other improvements we’ve made to Zoner Photo Studio X have one thing in common: they all make photo editing a large number of photos faster. When you’re editing an entire batch of photos from one shoot, it comes in handy to copy edits from one photo to another. Or even to all photos in the folder.

Copying over edits is now quicker and easier thanks to keyboard shortcuts and useful icons. Copy edits over to the rest of the photos in a folder, or to all the subsequent photos in a single click. Read about how to use these new features.

Do you want to carry over only edits from certain sections in the right panel of Develop? This can be done quickly and easily. Now you have much more control over the editing of a larger number of photos. As a result, you will save yourself a great deal of time that can now be spent taking pictures.

Show off on Instagram

Every photographer loves to showcase their photographic gems. And if you like sharing photos on Instagram, the function that adds borders to your photos is sure to make you happy. Thanks to borders, you can avoid having your Instagram photos cropped. In your gallery, your photos will then be viewed at first glance in their entirety and not cropped to a square. You can also easily create the very popular blurry image borders.

These functions are part of the Batch Filter (Ctrl+Q). As its name suggests – once the filter is set, you can save it and then apply it whenever you’d like to any number of photos in a matter of a few clicks. Read the article to see how.

Compare photos side-by-side

Every photographer knows how difficult it can be to choose a photo to edit among several very similar shots. You’re certainly not the only one. We’ve also frequently dealt with this issue. So we’ve decided to make it simpler.

We’ve improved comparing your photos. Selecting several photos at the same time in the Manager module makes the decision-making much easier. You can choose if you’d like them to be arranged side-by-side or on top of each other (if you use a tablet, for example).

Use the Shift key and mouse to adjust zoom and cutout to view details. Zoner Photo Studio X will remember the settings, so you can compare again later. Read about the new way to compare photos.

And that’s not all

While we’re on the topic of showing off your photos, you can create albums to showcase your photography on Zonerama. You can easily add these albums to your blog or website. You’ll get a stunning gallery on your website where you select photos to add with all the advantages of Zonerama – convenient browsing without any compromises to photo quality. Zonerama will not compress your photos.

We’ve made the Catalog a bit faster again. It now promptly responds to changes that take place on your disk. It can record these changes faster, allowing you to work in Zoner Photo Studio X with the Catalog that corresponds to your system’s current capacity.

We’ve also added support for Apple iCloud. You can access your iCloud photos directly in Zoner Photo Studio X. From there, you can not only download, but also upload your photos.

Try out the new features yourself

Download Zoner Photo Studio X free for 7 days and get your feet wet with the new features. If you have surpassed your trial period, ZPS X will unlock 15 days for you!

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