Turn 4 Pictures Into 1 With Multiple Exposure Technique

The term multiple exposure or “multi-exposure” is fairly broad. It means joining multiple photos into one, no matter why or how. The ability to join multiple exposures into a single picture can be put to many uses. I’ll show you one of those uses in today’s article.

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AuthorMatej Liska

I most love taking pictures of people. Weddings, portraits, graduation photos, balls... I am always in search of backlight, but I enjoy various types of lighting and mostly like to use shorter lenses. I love my Nikon, my guitar, and a kebab. You’ll find my photography on my website or on Facebook.

Comments (6)

  1. Interesting and helpful

    1. Happy to help!

  2. Agreed, good article. I’m a fine artist painter and seen a moment that I though would be a strong painting but couldn’t capture the scene. So did background shot and later got the foreground image elsewhere. Now I can superimpose fore within the back for a combo.
    Couple months back I had done a composite by accident and looked at it astonished. How dynamic and unique the combo of snowy street storefronts with (imposed) full green trees above just knocked me out. Did it too with same setting but autumn signs around storefronts and still the brilliant green trees that wouldn’t be there then.
    Thanks for the in depth steps, really saved me from trial & error hacking around here and in other programs.

    1. Thanks for your comment! If you have any examples of your work we would love to see it.

  3. Very good.

    1. Thank you!

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