The Zoner Photo Studio X Spring 2024 Update: HDR Photos Burst with Detail

The Zoner Photo Studio X Spring 2024 Update HDR Photos Burst with Detail

Experience photos filled with greater brightness, detail, and emotion. Zoner Photo Studio X is among the first photo editing software to bring you HDR editing, which brings you photos that are more real than ever and closer to what you actually see. The Spring 2024 Update also brings more amazing features like color style, transitions, and new effects. Everything you need to express yourself in your photography. 

Our spring update is a little different. It’s the start of a journey to the highest level of photo processing possible, HDR photo processing. Everything in ZPS X has been fine-tuned and Zoner Photo Studio X is the best software on the market for HDR output quality.

HDR makes your photos shine

Your photos have been hiding something from you. With HDR, you can see on a screen what you saw with your own eyes. Find the HDR function in the Color Style section of Develop. 

The Zoner Photo Studio X Spring 2024 Update, HDR

HDR, or high dynamic range, is a technology that allows you to see a wider range of details in both the light and dark parts of an image at the same time. This makes the highlights in your photo brighter and literally makes your photos shine.  

You need the right system settings and a monitor that supports HDR to display your photos properly. 

Unless you’re reading this on an HDR-supported device, you probably won’t see the difference between the photos.

HDR monitors

You may already be viewing HDR photos on your smartphone or watching TV shows in HDR. Make the most of your HDR monitor and make sure it is set up properly for HDR editing.

Did you know you can share your photos on Zonerama in full HDR?

HDR editing

You can’t slow down the pace of technology. Edit and display photos with far greater dynamic range than ever before on newer monitors that support HDR. See the reality of a sunny day and each ray of sun shining between the leaves. Imagine reliving the day you took the picture when viewing your HDR images.

Don’t confuse true HDR with older exposure bracketing

Save your edited photos with high dynamic range in several different image formats (JPEG, AVIF, JPEG XL) that allow you to transfer the best of your photos across media that support them.

Say goodbye to chromatic aberration

With the new Defringe feature, remove chromatic aberration and improve the quality of your photos.  The Spring 2024 Update allows you to remove every type of chromatic aberration that exists. Now, with even more detailed settings and more accurate results.

With the introduction of HDR and other advanced features, photo processing has changed. Photos edited with older versions of ZPS X need to confirm the switch to the new processing when editing new photos.

Enhancements to color style 

Start editing your photos in Color Style to give your photo the exact style that suits it best (Neutral, Portrait, Landscape, Vivid Colors, Documentary, Cinematic, or Nostalgia).

The Zoner Photo Studio X Spring 2024 Update, Color style

And for the cherry on top, give your photos a truly distinctive style with output 3D LUT. Unlike Color Style which works with ProPhoto colors, output 3D LUT work with the sRGB color space are not affected by other adjustments. They are applied at the very end. You can expand the collection of LUTs with downloadable LUTs, or create your own.

The Zoner Photo Studio X Spring 2024 Update, effect 3D lut

The Add Grain function under Effects has been enhanced. The size of the grain has been scaled to match the size of the photo. With this new method of generating digital grain, you achieve a look much more faithful to film photography.

There are also new features that give your photos some pizzazz. You’ll fall in love with Glow and Halation. Give your photos a mysterious, dreamy, or laid-back feel with Glow. Adjust the effect’s intensity to find the perfect look for your photos.

There is beauty in imperfection. With the Halation effect, you can create awesome retro-style photos.

The Zoner Photo Studio X Spring 2024 Update, Effects

Improved workflow with shortcuts and more

Get the job done more efficiently. You can find keyboard shortcuts in the newly redesigned keyboard shortcut dialog (Ctrl+M). Easily edit, add, or manage any keyboard shortcuts the same way you did before.  

We simplified how certain keyboard shortcuts work across ZPS X. For example, copying and pasting a setting in Develop using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V has changed to Ctrl+Shift+C and Ctrl+Shift+V. Depending on the function, you can assign multiple functions to a single shortcut. 

Use the Tab key to quickly alternate between the filmstrip and the Navigator. 

Don’t be afraid to say no

Don’t waste space on your computer or time editing photos that didn’t turn out. With the new Reject feature, put an X next to the images you want to get rid of. These “rejected images” can then be deleted in a single click.  

The Zoner Photo Studio X Spring 2024 Update, delete rejected photos

Edit videos with new transitions and markers

Use up to 36 transition effects when editing your videos instead of the original 6. You can also turn on auto snapping to the end of the previous clip for easier video placement. Plus, we’ve improved keyframing, making working with curves that much more enjoyable. 

The Zoner Photo Studio X Spring 2024 Update, Video Marks

New markers with timestamps let you mark important tracks so they don’t get lost in editing. You can also add color labels and captions, giving you a crystal-clear overview of your video projects. 

For example, use markers for background music to mark the best part of your favorite song.   

More new features

We listened to your comments and made designing photo books easier than ever. Thanks to the drag & drop function on the page you have open, you can easily change photos when inserting (Zoom to fit). Click the photo and move it to another location. 

Zoner Photo Studio X has also expanded its portfolio with new models of natively-supported cameras and lenses. These include the Canon EOS R100 and R10, Nikon Z8, Sony a9 III and a6700, Fujifilm X-S20 and X-H2, Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 II and DC-S1H, Olympus OM-1 Mark II and OM-5, and many more. 

If you’re considering purchasing Zoner Photo Studio X, this is the best time to do so. Download ZPS X free for 7 days and gain access to all these features. See what processing your photos in HDR can do!  

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