VIDEO: Frames Per Second


Choosing the right number of frames per second and the PAL or NTSC region when shooting video is crucial. This setting will impact your subsequent video editing work.

When working with videos, you may encounter settings divided into two regions, each using different frequencies. Just as analog television broadcasting systems historically used PAL and NTSC formats:

  • PAL was the standard in Europe, and to this day, it uses a frequency of 25 fps and its multiples, namely 50, 100, 200, etc.
  • In contrast, NTSC – the American system, has a typical frequency of 24 or 30 fps and other multiples, namely 30, 60, 120, 240, etc. Where 24 fps is more commonly used for cinema, and 30 fps is more common for television broadcasting or video.

Due to different frequencies, it can happen that movies released in Europe may have a slightly shorter duration than the same movies released in the USA.

We recommend shooting at 24, 25, or 30 fps. Files won’t take up as much space, and your computer will handle them faster, resulting in the most natural-looking motion in your shots.

If you shoot at 50 fps, you’ll have twice as many frames, and you can slow down the video to half speed while still maintaining a beautifully smooth image.

If you plan to slow down your videos, always shoot at higher fps.

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  1. I just recently tried video mode in Zoner. Don’t know how to use it and couldn’t find training. Though it probably is there.
    I had trouble finding cut, how to make layers and how to make in and out work properly.
    Seemed to me to have no obvious tools as I’m used to.
    Slow motion frame rate, video interesting.

    1. Hello, Michael,
      Thank you for your inquiry, I’m pleased to see your interest in the advanced features of Zoner Photo Studio. For video editing try to study this article, I believe it will help you.
      Have a better day and better photos with ZPS X
      Eva | Learn Photography by Zoner Photo Studio

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