VIDEO: Learn the Basics of the Develop Module


Work in ZPS is a breeze, but you can get a bit lost at first in all its features and modules. That’s why in this video, we’ll focus just on the Develop module and explain what kinds of edits it’s used for and how best to use it. You’ll learn what non-destructive edits are (and how to switch to destructive edits), what the ideal approach is when you’re editing photos in this module, and how to work with presets too.

To switch into this module, just click the Develop button towards the top right. This displays the Develop module’s wide range of tools and functions on the right. They make it easy to change a photo’s whole look.

You can learn the basics of work in Develop in a video we’ve put together for you. Give it a watch, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you’ll never miss a single one of our videos!

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