What’s New at Zonerama

If you’ve haven’t poked around Zonerama in the last few weeks, you may have missed a few big changes. Here are some highlights:

Responsive design:  Zonerama will now dynamically adjusts to optimize the photo viewing experience no matter what device you access it on. That means no more pinching and zooming to magnify a photo — everything on Zonerama will be resized automatically to fit whatever screen you’re using (smartphone, tablet, huge desktop monitor, whatever).

New social features: In addition to being a great place to house your photos, Zonerama is a photo community and several new features will help strengthen these bonds. First, you can now follow photographers you like and rate their albums. You can also receive notifications for the galleries you post (who liked what, etc.) so you can track your interactions across the community.

Chromecast support: Zonerama now supports Google’s Chromecast — an HDMI dongle that connects to your HDTV to wirelessly “cast” content from your PC or mobile device to your TV. With Chromecast support, you can take your Zonerama galleries to the big screen.

Faster browsing: Finally, a few under-the-hood tweaks have made browsing on Zonerama faster. You’re also able to view the full EXIF data on an image too.

What Hasn’t Changed: Zonerama remains completely free no matter how many photos you upload. There are no bandwidth caps, stealth image resizing or any other “gotchas” lurking in the fine print. You know you should be storing your photos in the cloud, and Zonerama not only provides a cost-effective way to do so, but a feature-rich one as well. Thanks to its tight integration with Zoner Photo Studio 16, you can upload and edit images directly in the cloud using Photo Studio’s editing tools just as you would photos stored on a desktop PC. Where other services use browser-based editing tools, which can be slow and limited, your can edit your Zonerama galleries using powerful desktop software.

And remember, if you want to seamlessly upload  and edit images on the go, Zoner’s free Photo Studio Edit & Go Android app will automatically back-up your mobile photos to Zonerama in addition to giving you a range of editing options that will make your mobile snapshots shine.

Try our new Zonerama right now!

Last updated 4. June 2014

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Author: Greg Scoblete


  • Tom

    One thing that drives me to the point of insanity are websites that make it difficult to figure out what’s the next step in what they are trying to make the visitor understand. This is one of those websites. Why are you making me work at figuring out where to go or what to do?! You’ve told me how fabulous you are, you’ve told me about features, and you’ve told me you will always be free!? Now tell me what I should do about all this. A link to where I can sign up maybe?! How about a link to sign-in if I’ve already signed up! How about doing this in such a way that I can’t resist your temptations! Make my eye’s go to this magical next step. Because if you don’t, you have failed!!!

    • Aja Vorackova

      Thank you for your feedback, Tom. We added a link to Zonerama, so don´t hesitate to go there, because it is really worth trying. :)

  • http://www.zonerama.com ^_^ It’s pretty self explanatory once you go there…

    • Tom

      I agree with you about http://www.zonerama.com but that’s not the website that I was referring to. I was referring to https://magazine.zonerama.com website. I am by no stretch of the imagination a webmaster but was assigned by my commander to maintain our unit website many years ago when I was in the Army (because he found out that I majored in Electrical Engineering and he assumed that meant I could do anything from fixing a toaster to building a supercomputer). One thing that I learned and continue learning today is that everything has to be built to the lowest common denominator. In this case I’m talking about the end user that has absolutely no idea how to turn on a computer let alone figure out what a Domain is. This is what I was talking about. If you send out an email singing your praises, make sure that a monkey can figure out what to do next. Only a suggestion and not an attack on the organization or anyone that works their!
      Your humble customer,