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5 Basic Edits to Improve Photos From Your Phone

It’s always at hand. That’s the main advantage of a cell phone, a mobile phone, or whatever they call it where you live! And photographers capturing moments that would otherwise escape them also appreciate this tool. But your work isn’t done when you’ve taken your pictures. You then have to sort them and edit the best ones. And meanwhile, often it’s enough to make a few basic edits that will reliably improve your phone photos.

How to Photograph the Moon

The moon has been fascinating people for centuries. And photographers are no exception. It attracts their lenses in all of its phases—not to mention during eclipses. But moon photography has its specifics. Learn how to photograph the Moon and configure your camera, and what to watch out for.

How to Photograph Animals at the Zoo

Busy backgrounds, lackluster light, and long, long searches for the right spot. These are just some of the problems you can run into when you’re taking pictures at the zoo. Fortunately they’re all easy to solve. Check out our tips on photographing animals at the zoo, and you’ll avoid problems like these easily.

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