5 Tips for Shooting Christmas

How to shoot Christmas? That is the question! These five tips should inspire you on what to look for in festive scenes and what to try when shooting at home during a winter holiday.

Shoot Christmas tree

There is no stronger symbol of Christmas than a fully decorated Christmas tree therefore a picture of it is an absolute must in your photo album.


Play with the lights

The Christmas tree is a great photographic object also because of the candles or electric lights. Try to take a few unfocused pictures with the lights off. See the magical bokeh?


Another great technique is to zoom or purposely move your camera during the exposure. You have to try it several times to get good results but the final pictures would make your friends go wow.


Zoom in

Don’t forget to capture details. When doing so, try to fill up the frame with the main object.


Take your camera out

Christmas is not only celebrated in the comfort of your house but also at public celebrations. They usually offer a few photographing opportunities as well so don’t leave your camera in the drawer.


The most important tip of all – take pictures!

They don’t have to be perfect, they can be out of focus and poorly edited – in general not very good in the eyes of the professionals. But firstly you won’t learn how to take good ones without taking thousands of bad ones. And secondly having photos of your family being together and celebrating the holiday is more important than the art of photography.

Not a good picture to say the least BUT great reminder of good times with your love ones.
Not a good picture to say the least BUT a great reminder of good times with your loved ones.

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