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Create Your Own Black and White Pictures

The magic of black and white has been with us since the dawn of photography, and meanwhile digital technologies still let you enjoy high-quality B&W even today. But now you don’t need a darkroom, color filters, or a refrigerator full of film cans with different ISOs. You just need a few mouse clicks.

Compose Better—Use a Black and White Preview

Does it sound crazy to you to use a black-and-white preview in your camera instead of color? Try it anyway. This preview will keep your eyes more focused on composition, making it easier for you to notice compositional flaws. That enables you to fix composition errors on the spot, instead of crying over your ruined pictures at home on your computer.

Highlight Delicacy with High Key

Black and white photos are always in fashion. Even among the pros. In a recent article we looked at several methods for converting pictures to black and white. This time we’ll take a look at how to produce “High Key” black-and-white, which is used to emphasize delicacy and perfection.

Make a Picture Black and White

Black and white photography’s roots lie firmly in analog film. Meanwhile, we’re now standing well inside photography’s digital age. Maybe that’s why so many of what we call “black and white” photos today are just desaturated digital photographs. These are usually dull, gray, and short on contrast. So let’s take a look at how to create black-and-white pictures worthy of the name, using Zoner Photo Studio.

It’s Not Black and White

Color photography has existed for about a hundred and fifty years, if we count from its earliest beginnings. For all of this rather long time, a considerable number of photographers have remained, or at least returned, at the side of black-and-white photography. The arrival of digital cameras has done nothing to change this. Except to make it simpler.

Three Ways to Make Black And White Pictures

Black and white photography is an undying genre that was born alongside photography itself, and has easily survived the arrival of color film. Conversion of color digital photographs to black and white via software is still very popular today. We’ll take a look at three ways to use Zoner Photo Studio to make a color photograph black and white.

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