Why Doesn’t My RAW Look Like It Did in the Camera?

Have you ever racked your brains because the RAWs you developed in Zoner Photo Studio looked slightly different from their camera previews—for example brighter or differently colored? The problem’s not with you, nor is it with ZPS. It’s a side effect of camera manufacturers’ trade secrets.

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AuthorIrena Diatel

Comments (9)

  1. It’s very helfull , once more BRAVO!

    1. Thanks a lot! :)

  2. Fred, it´s very interesting

  3. Very interesting article, explaines a lot, well done

    1. We’re happy you like it Jon. :)

  4. Still trying to get my RAW’s loaded in Editor without it automaticly getting darker, no luck. As soon as I go from Manager to Develop my RAW shot darkens. I also can not find the above options in my Zoner software, it won’t give me those options. Are you talking about Zoner 18 Pro ?

    1. If there´s anything wrong, please write us directly to support@zoner.com. Send a sample RAW file, so we can try that on your file directly. And yes, the article is about ZPS 18. Thank you.

  5. Hi there. Yip very interesting subject, as I’ve had several e-mails between Zoner Support and myself recently re this issue of RAWS. The converter somehow works for a few days and then just hangs in the Develop phase. Rather disappointing….. sunsets is a mess in Zoner, so I’m back to using NX2 software again. Having said that, I think Zoner software is great in general and I have understanding for their problem, re proprietary RAW file coding etc, of the various makes of cameras. I just which my Adobe Converter would not give up the ghost all the time. Looking forward to a better solution, as I only shoot in RAW only. Cheers and thanks for the great article.

    1. Hello Mr. Franken,
      We see that you have also contacted the support team about this. We will work with you there, and we look forward to resolving this problem! Thanks you.

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