Zoner Photo Studio Power User: Advanced Focus

Today we’re having a chat with a rather unusual Zoner Photo Studio user, and that’s the Australian company Advanced Focus. After all, ZPS isn’t just for people—it’s also for companies, who use it for documentation, administration, and quick image fixes. How exactly? Read it for yourself!

Could you tell us a little about your company? Where is it based, and what is its line of business?

We are a small process engineering company based in Adelaide, South Australia. Essentially this means that we design processes. This can be anything from designing the layout and production systems of a new manufacturing facility to determine the best way to manufacture a particular part (known as design for the manufacture or DFM). We also advise our clients on new manufacturing technologies such as additive manufacturing (or 3D printing as most people know it).

How long have you been using Zoner Photo Studio?

I think we’ve been using ZPS for a couple of years. We were using the program at home for some time before we realised that we could really use the software at work too.

In what kinds of jobs do you get the most use out of ZPS?

As we are a small company we need to be able to do in-house what a larger business may engage a specialist to do. ZPS provides us with a cost-effective way of being able to edit our own photos as well as stock photos we purchase for our website, marketing material, client reports and more. I guess in the scheme of things these are pretty basic things however they make our work much easier!

What features in ZPS do you find the most useful?

Again it is the basic things like cropping / selecting, aligning the horizon, adding text and saving images for the web. I have been known to use the red eye reduction tool more than once on photos from our staff parties!

Why would you recommend ZPS to other companies?

For small companies like ours, ZPS is a cost effective, easy to use solution for photo management and editing.

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