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Get High Precision—Use a Drawing Tablet

Have a drawing tablet and haven’t tried it yet for photos? Thinking about getting one? Try using a tablet for your photo editing in Zoner Photo Studio. You’ll especially appreciate it when you need to adjust fine details that are awkward to alter with a mouse. The drawing tablet’s greater precision will make your work more efficient and more fun.

Caring for Your Photo Equipment

A passionate photographer is always taking their camera out on the road, on trips, and on walks. This has a price: you sometimes have to think about maintenance a little more. But then, you have to think about it anyway. Sometimes instead of composition and camera settings, you do have to focus on maintenance and camera care. Read on for a few tips on how to do this.

Protect Your Camera in the Rain

It’s not just sunny days that lead to sumptuous photos. Rain can serve photography lovers too, but you need be careful to keep it a good servant, not a cruel master. If rain gets inside your camera, that’s going to be an expensive repair. So read up today on how to overcome rain’s perils and how to protect your camera from water.

How To Train Your Photographer

You know the feeling—normally you’re always the one taking the pictures. But then one day you’re in an enchanting place or you meet your lifelong idol, and you want to be the one in the picture. Meanwhile, you hate selfies and you find them worthless. So there’s nothing left to do but to let a passerby take a snapshot. How will you teach them the basics of photography in seconds, so you can get something you won’t have to delete?

Reach for the Skies

Nature’s theater above us is… mesmerizing. That’s why skyscapes are such a common part of landscapes and cityscapes. Sunsets, sunrises, storm clouds, rainbows. Moments that may never be repeated. Don’t miss your chance at a great photo—learn to get the maximum out of outdoor scenes!

Zoner Photo Studio Power User: Ed C. Uhland

He’s traveled many of the states of the USA and has also spent time in West Africa. That’s a lot to see and photograph. But in the late 1990s he began working with the Florida International Air Show, and most of his photos are from there. Meet Ed, a Zoner Photo Studio user.

Zoner Photo Studio 18: Perfect Pics In Just a Few Clicks

A new version of Zoner Photo Studio has been released, and we have no doubts that it will catch your eye right at first sight. Both with its modern design, and with its new perks that will be appreciated by every photographer, from beginner to pro. Zoner Photo Studio 18 looks and performs better than ever. You’ll be sorting, editing, and sharing your pictures in a flash.

Useful Tips For Choosing Your Tripod

A tripod should be one of the basic parts of a photographer’s gear, no matter what genre they shoot. This accessory is often overlooked, and while it’s true that in many situations you can make do without it, the lack of a tripod often makes it a major problem to take a quality picture, or even makes it impossible. That’s why in today’s article I’ll be mapping out the situations where a tripod really is an integral part of a photographer’s gear.

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