6 Ways to Rescue Underexposed Photos

Sometimes photos don’t turn out the way you hoped. Underexposure is a common mistake, one that can happen for example because you were hurrying to press the trigger and didn’t stop to check your settings, or because you used automatic settings when shooting against the light. One way or the other, you’ve got a dark photo. But fortunately, you can brighten it after!

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AuthorMatej Liska

I most love taking pictures of people. Weddings, portraits, graduation photos, balls... I am always in search of backlight, but I enjoy various types of lighting and mostly like to use shorter lenses. I love my Nikon, my guitar, and a kebab. You’ll find my photography on my website or on Facebook.

Comments (2)

  1. Very useful. Have zoner and it is a pleasure to use for 80% of what I need. Also have Adobe 6.5, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom for other photo edits, as I shoot in medium format at hgh bitrate, and do some strange edits. (Each on different computers) Would love to learn how to add two, and more, studio portraits to one separate background photo and how to work layers and make gifs in zoner. I use the zoner add photos section to add/blend portraits to backgrounds but need more expertise in doing this, with your program.. Lots to learn! Check my facebook, under my name and Deviantart under George-Si (the 60 model shots are me, as others use the same handle) . Thanks in advance

    1. Hello George, thanks for your comment!
      Now, it is unfortunately impossible to work with layers or make gifs – ZPS work only with a temporary layer, which should suit for most of the photoeditors needs. It is somehow possible to put more portraits into one photo and we will bring a tutorial in the future, too.

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