Editing to Highlight Your Subject

Today we’ll once again be taking a look at fixing a specific picture—to help you bridge the gap from theory to real-world work on fixing real-world photos. This shot was taken in poor light conditions—under hard light. We’ll be softening the light to get a picture that’s easier on the eyes. We will use Zoner Photo Studio for all the needed edits. You’re very welcome to follow along with us—just download the photo above and then imitate our steps.

The article is over 5 years old. The information in it may be outdated.

We are working on its update. In the meantime, you can read some more recent articles.

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AuthorJan Zeman

I have worked in the field of digital editing since 1996. I started photographing in 2006 and from that moment, it has gradually become my main field of expertise. Professionally, I do portrait photography (http://portretyzeman.cz), architecture, cityscapes, and also product/commercial photography. You’ll find a sampling of my work on the web at http://janzemanphotography.com and other articles and photographs on my blog http://janz.cz.

Comments (5)

  1. Excellent !
    This is the kind of article I like (and I need) to get further on with editing in ZPS

    1. Thank you Andre, we’re happy it’s useful for you!

  2. I hope to be able to follow the steps discussed in the artical.

    1. It varies picture to picture, but we hope as well it’ll help you!

  3. “You’re very welcome to follow along with us—just download the photo above and then imitate our steps.” However, the photo at the top isn’t the source picture, but one heavily modified. Is there a link I’m missing? I really want to try out this.

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