How to Crop Photos

Cropping tools are among the simplest and most widely-used photo editing tools. You can use them to improve composition, adjust ratios of sides for printing, or get rid of unwanted objects around the edges of a picture.

1) Activate the Crop and Rotate toolkit in the Develop module.

Open the photo you’ve selected in the Develop module (to switch to this module, click the Develop button towards the top right). Then select the Crop and Rotate tools by clicking their button in the toolkit bar, about halfway down the right column. You can also save time by just pressing C.

crop button

2) Do the crop

A cropping frame will appear around the picture. Adjust this frame with the mouse. Use the Crop Ratio option to force this cropping frame to maintain a certain ratio of sides. For example, for a square crop, set a 1:1 ratio of sides. For a free ratio of sides, pick “Free Ratio.”

3) Finish the crop

Once you’re satisfied with the crop, click Apply to apply your crop to the picture. Don’t forget that changes in the Develop module are non-destructive and thus are not written to photos directly. In order to present your final picture outside of Zoner Photo Studio, you must export it, by clicking the Export button.

Cropping pictures is a quick way to turn an average photo into a great one. Get the maximum from your photos—download Zoner Photo Studio X right away and try it for free!

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