How to Remove an Object Against a Background in Perspective

Photo editors have some quite powerful tools available for removing objects from photos—for example the clone stamp and healing brush. But there are some situations where you will need a little something more.

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AuthorJan Zeman

I have worked in the field of digital editing since 1996. I started photographing in 2006 and from that moment, it has gradually become my main field of expertise. Professionally, I do portrait photography (, architecture, cityscapes, and also product/commercial photography. You’ll find a sampling of my work on the web at and other articles and photographs on my blog

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  1. Kadir Muhtar Göğüş

    Never mind article! Zoner X is (I’m trying nowadays) only a bullshit with it’s hidden toolbars & slower than a turtle, RAW file opening! Zoner 17 was 100 times faster & easy against to X with all open (iconized functions, customisable toolbars etc), friendly interface!… Only Dehaze might be a good addition… Unfortunately has no visible effect!
    Please have a look ACDSee 9 PRO!
    Kadir Muhtar Göğüş
    Ret. Journalist

    1. Hello Kadir, we’re sorry for any inconvenience, our technical support ( will be happy to help you with any technical difficulties.

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