What You Need to Know About Layers When Editing Your Photos

In the world of photo editing software, a “layer” often means different things to different programs. If you’ve been staying up nights wondering about layers, please, find something more important to worry about. But if you’re curious about what they are and how to use them to your advantage in Zoner Photo Studio, read on.

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Comments (4)

  1. OK but I hoped formore indepth information. Are more layers possible, can you arrange them, can yoiu choose layer to edit and that kind of stuff.

    1. Hello Nico, ZPS can work with only one temporary layer, so that probably covers the rest of your questions. After you apply this temporary layer, it immediately merges with the original picture. You can find some info also in this article: https://learn.zoner.com/master-the-blending-modes-in-zoner-photo-studio/

  2. Guys, you gotta give me more than 1 layer to work with. I’m trying to build up a composite picture from different parts multiple images. I have to calculate, in advance, which edit to do first, create a composite, add the next layer, create another composite, then add this final composite to the background on which I want it overlayed. If I get one element clashing with another, I got to go back and ‘re-create’ a fresh composite and come forward again, before I can make the final version. If it’s still not right, I have to go back and try again. It’s soooo frustrating. More layers, please.

    1. Thanks for your comment Ian, we really appreciate it. We can’t promise you anything, but we will get this idea to our developers. Thank you for your help.

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