Save Space on Your Disk: How to Find and Delete Duplicate Photos

Duplicate photos. Something that many photographers fear. All it takes is a bit of unnecessary copying or incaution when you’re backing up or moving pictures, and you’ve got duplicates on your computer that take up disk space pointlessly. And they also make it harder to find your way around your photos. Fortunately, there’s a way to quickly find and delete them.

Even if you try to keep your photos organized, sometimes you’ll overlook something or misclick and create unneeded copies. And duplicate photos can occupy many gigabytes on your computer.

Finding and deleting them manually can take a lot of work. It’s simpler to just use Zoner Photo Studio. It offers a Find Duplicate Files function that can take advantage of photos’ EXIF information. That lets it reliably find all your duplicate photos.

How to Find and Delete Duplicate Photos - Find Duplicate Files
The Find Duplicate Files function helps you find duplicate photos on your computer.

Finding Duplicates

This function is in the Manager. Go into the Menu, then the Organize menu, and then use Find Duplicate Files. Then click the Browse icon and choose the folder where you want ZPS to look for duplicate files.

How to Find and Delete Duplicate Photos - Browse
Choose the photo folder to search through.

How to Set up the Search

Choose the folder where you store your photos. Or, if you want to search through your whole computer, choose the whole local disk (C:).

Just keep in mind that the speed of the process depends on how many files are searched through. So if you request a search of the whole disk, expect it to take a while.

Before the search (and after it too), you can also turn on the Show only files with matching names option. This is useful when you know that you have duplicates with the same name in different folders.

But in our example we need to find and delete mainly photos that were copied twice during backup. So they’re in the same folder and have different names. That’s why we’ll leave this option turned off.

Use the next line here to set whether or not to find only files that Zoner Photo Studio can read (i.e. mainly videos and photos). You can also search for all file types, however. This option is useful if you’re searching through your whole computer and not just your photo archive.

Then just click on Search and wait for the results to appear.

How to Find and Delete Duplicate Photos - Mark
The search results with duplicate files marked.

Check Through the Files

ZPS will then start searching your computer. When it’s done, a list of the duplicates and original photos that Zoner Photo Studio has found will appear.

Related pictures are marked in the same color to make it clear that they belong together. This also helps to distinguish them from other duplicates.

Now choose to mark all the duplicates in the current folder, or in that folder plus its subfolders. If you’re not sure if a file is really the same, or if you’re curious as to what photo is in question, click on Image Information…. This shows a preview of the picture and shows all of its EXIF information.

How to Find and Delete Duplicate Photos - Info
Check through the files.

Delete the Duplicates

Once you’re sure that you really want to delete all the marked files, click Send to Recycle Bin….

If the duplicates that were found are just a backup that you forgot to move to a different disk, use the Move… command.

How to Find and Delete Duplicate Photos - Delete
Delete the selected files and you’re done.

You’ll Save Space… Lots of Space

We recommend that you give the tool for finding duplicate photos a try every now and then. In this sample search alone, I removed over 10 GB worth of unneeded files from my computer.

Even though your system for archiving and working with files may well work better than mine, it definitely pays to see if you do just happen to have a few duplicates laying around. And then stop by here in the comments to show off how much space you saved.

But above all, back up your files and get them organized!


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