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Interview: Visually impaired photographer – ‘The worse my vision gets, the more I enjoy photography’

Lubomír Pavelčák has poor vision in his right eye and wears eyeglasses with a prescription of -18.00 diopters. His left eye is a prosthetic eye. That’s why he calls himself “odd-eye.” He calls his photography Eyeglass photography and Snapshots. You may have already come across his photography because Lubomír has been successfully exhibiting his work for several years now.

Interview: Michal Bogár—‘I like blending in with nature’

Michal Bogár is a young photographer from Petřvald near Karviná, Czech Republic, whose time behind the camera has become a lifelong passion. The word young is not used as a formality. Michal is only 13 years old, though his photos could be the envy of many professional photographers. Instead of spending his free time playing video games like his peers, he prefers taking pictures

Interview with Jana Kupčáková: Finding Art in the Wild Urban Jungle

Jana Kupčáková’s photography regularly appears in exhibits and art festivals around the world, including in New York and Paris. She focuses on humanistic themes, especially in her street photography. Her photographs capture everyday stories from ordinary life and the details that surround us. She is one of the main guest presenters on street photography at the Prague Photo Show.

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